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The Psalms is a particularly powerful and fascinating book of the Bible. Special, because you encounter all human emotions, thoughts and experiences. Powerful and fascinating, for everyone there is confirmation, encouragement and support. Anger, rage, gloom, loneliness, abandonment, mistakes, sins, joy, love, sorrow, hope, longing and expectation are described in a personal way. For every moment of your life, even if it's hard, there is a word of comfort and hope; you are not the only one in this world who struggles with life. Just like the poets of the Psalms, you too are a human being with beautiful and less beautiful sides. 


The book consists of 150 Psalms, 150 poems without rhyme. In the Hebrew language, other stylistic devices are used, such as parallelism, whereby a thought or an emotion in a sentence or phrase is reinforced by means of repetition or contrast. This parallelism can be found in the artworks

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I started this series because I felt the need to translate my experiences and faith into works of art. This series has become a personal confession for me, with all its ups and downs, which I would like to share with you. In an abstract style, the Psalms are depicted one by means of shapes, colours and structures. It is about the inner and deep inner world of every human being. Each work of art is a meditation: look, feel, experience and contemplate the Psalm and enter into conversation with God. 


I hope that by reading and looking you will experience encouragement, strength and hope.

I am working hard to create a series of 150 abstract artworks from the 150 Psalms. Each artwork is based on a Psalm verse. The content of this verse can be 'read back' in the shapes, colors and structures. My goal is to present the 150 Psalms in one full color book and to organize an exhibition of all 150 artworks. The artworks are made with mixed media (pen, watercolor, acrylic, oil, sand, cardboard etc) on handmade paper 4

I need your support in order to make all this possible. You can already support this project as a member of the 150Psalms Project with 3 euros, 13 euros or 50 euros a month. Read below for more information.

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