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Art Rental is an art services for art lovers. Beautiful original artworks that you can change regularly, so that you don't get bored of a work of art.

The Art Rental services offers a handy home package for 10 weeks at home. We are flexible and are happy to meet various requirements. Just call us and we can work out the right art options, timing and details for you.

We offer you 2 Art-packages:

10 week Art-package

Small - up to 60 cm € 50
Average - up to 120 cm € 100
Large - up to 250 cm € 125

25 week Art-package

Small - up to 80 cm € 75
Average - up to 120 cm € 150
Large - up to 200 cm € 250

One-time installation costs per customer or € 95.

Prices do not include taxes. It is easy to extend the rental period as desired.


Call us for more information!

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Art rental for lovers

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