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Ameland exhibition in Nes

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

A week ago, I visited Ameland once again. It felt like coming home. This is such a wonderful island. The peace, the space, the beautiful beaches, and the diversity of birds and flora are a feast for the eyes and ears.

I arrived quite early at the ferry terminal in Holwerd and because I still had plenty of time before the ferry departed, I went for a walk in the Holwerter salt marsh area. The sun had just risen and the colors were fantastic. The vastness of this nature reserve. Ebb and flow are crucial for the development of the salt marsh. The tidal water brings sand and clay particles, causing the salt marsh to increase in size and height. Creeks and channels play an important role in this, as these natural "blood vessels" allow seawater to penetrate deep into the area. I will definitely paint here sometime.

With my car full of paintings, I head towards Gallery Philadelphia in Nes. Located in the heart of this cozy village is Gallery Philadelphia, housed in a beautiful historic building. Owner Esther Nagtegael is herself a talented Dutch goldsmith and visual artist, and has created many magnificent works of art and jewelry. In addition to her own outstanding art, her gallery features works by various artists in diverse styles and techniques. The gallery is definitely worth a visit.

At the moment, there are about 10 artworks hanging in my gallery, all of them depicting Ameland seascapes. Several have already been sold. At the entrance, there is a large piece measuring 200x130 cm, a real eye-catcher when you step into the gallery.

What I love so much about Ameland is, first of all, the island feeling. You are on an island and you have to make do with what this island has to offer you. There is no more. No traffic jams, crowds, busy shopping streets, or noise from people and city sounds. Although it can be busy here with vacationers, it is very quiet on the beaches and in nature. Peace, peace, and peace again, that's what draws me to Ameland.

Fortunately, amidst work obligations, I was able to do some painting in 't Oerd, a beautiful nature reserve and primal landscape where you can enjoy a lovely walk in the midst of nature. I captured this landscape on a 60x40 cm canvas panel. Those were truly delightful moments.

Are you nearby? Then visit the Philadelphia gallery in Nes and purchase a valuable piece of art.

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