August news

North Sea series

The North Sea series is ever expanding and I haven't gotten enough of it yet. Each time I marvel at the colors, shapes and textures of the beach and sky. This week I was thinking about how many beach and seascapes I have done in my life and, using photos and sketches, I came up with about 475 beach and seascapes!!!! Unbelievable, what a number and I still don't feel like I finished it all. My painting style has clearly loosened up, and the compositions - frankly - have become so much more beautiful. I've also started painting more in layers: layers that remain visible and produce exciting and interesting works of art. Recently, I created some works on acrylic paper, and had a lot of fun doing so. In about 25 to 54 minutes, the artworks were created, and that's something I enjoy doing. No fiddling, but smooth and spontaneous painting, not everything neatly thought out, but intuition and feeling play a leading role. This is my world, my thing! That is what makes me Wim van de Wege and what distinguishes me from other painters.

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Sketching also continues and regularly I go out with my sketching materials. I enjoy that immensely. With a few simple materials, such as a drawing pen, a watercolor pad and a sketchbook I can go wild in the city or somewhere in nature. I notice that I start working differently: smoother, faster and experimenting with markers, pens and even with coffee etc. is cool to do. Cool, isn't it! I like to leave the beaten path and do my own thing. Just doing it!

On Ameland, I made a series of sketches of the beautiful nature, lovely in the silence. Just you and your drawing materials. If you like to draw, go out and start. Don't nag, think, doubt and ask yourself "Can I do that?", but give yourself a kick in the pants and start! Do it, do it, do it!!!! You will see that you will enjoy it to the fullest.

I often get asked if I don't mind people coming over to watch when I sketch and paint plein air. Well, it's hard at first, especially the people who make pompous comments. Let them talk! Remember that at least you have the guts to do this. Criticizing and commenting is the easiest thing you can do. Ignore those people! By the way, most people respond very nicely and I have had many great conversations with people who are interested in your work.

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The first Masterclasses 'En plein air' painting have been given and it was a successful day. The beautiful weather, the great inspiring environment and a very nice group, made for a successful Masterclass. You can see how people enjoy when they depict the environment on their canvas or painting panel. Each in their own way. I don't like to have everyone do the same thing. Art is something personal and not something someone else copies. In the end, that was evident in the final result. Beautiful!

New master classes for September are organised: Friday 16 september and Friday 23 september!

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Psalm series

Meanwhile, Psalm 118 is in the works. When I see the stack of 117 abstract artworks, it's quite a lot. It's not always easy to turn text into abstract shapes, textures and colors, although most people think it's easy. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. It is a struggle every time to capture the Psalm on paper. When one is finished, I enjoy it again. It is so completely different from plein air painting or sketching in the open air. There you are working with lines, proportions and true-to-life colors. This series touches a deep inner layer, which gets a totally different expression.

Meanwhile I am thinking about where I could exhibit this series. Ideally I would like to exhibit all the artworks together: all 150 Psalms together. Unfortunately, no location has yet been found where I can exhibit the entire series. It seems so cool to see them all together. If you, reader, know of a nice location, please send me an email plz. Personally I am thinking of an empty factory hall with lots of space or a big empty church. I am just looking for.......

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Arkemheen polder

In the past few weeks I have painted several times plein air in the Arkemheense polder. It was warm, but nice to do. Meanwhile it has become a mini-series of 6 paintings: 60x40 cm and 60x60 cm. You can visit these artworks in the shop

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Free downloads for members

This month there are new free downloads available again. This time two Psalms, Psalm 15 & 16 and a Beach Scene with kite surfers (a different one from the previous download). They can be found on the member page. You are not a member yet? Sign up for free!.


Thank you for reading this newsletter. I hope you will continue to follow my work and that you might like to attend a Master Class. In any case, you are most welcome!

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Wim van de Wege, 10 August 2022