End of the year and the start of 2022

The year is almost over again. A year with a lot of dynamism in all kinds of areas. First of all, all the restrictions and measures on Corona, which have affected us all, with all the consequences. Let's hope that 2022 will be more positive.

This year I created a beautiful painting studio in Bunschoten-Spakenburg, where I can work in peace and quiet. I have already spent many hours there and created many works of art, from small sketches to large oil paintings.

I am still busy with the North Sea project: the North Sea coast in all kinds of weather situations, in different styles and with all kinds of techniques and materials. From impressionistic to abstract-expressionistic. I love to paint outside, but sometimes it is also comfortable to work inside. Next to the central heating I work out the sketches into a new work of art :)). Besides seascapes, I have also made landscapes: Dutch polder landscapes and some mountain landscapes from Wales and Scotland. In the overview below you can see the artworks of this year.

The 150 Psalm Project also just keeps on going. Started in 2020 and hopefully I can complete the series in 2023. We are already (only) at Psalm 85, so there are still 65 Psalms to come. All in all, a great project, which I get a lot of responses to from home and abroad. Thank you all! Below a video with all Psalms published so far, 85 of them.

2022 Plans

Actually it is very simple: sketching, drawing and painting........ I will quietly continue with the North Sea series, the landscapes, the 150 Psalms Project and I am 'brooding' on a new project that will be something completely different. If you follow these newsletters, you'll be able to read about it soon. You already knew that newsletters are not my strong point, but my plan is to start sending more newsletters in 2022: at least one every month. In addition, I want to reward my followers with the occasional free download of a painting. Register as a member and download an art print. Print it yourself or have it done at a local print shop and you have a beautiful wall decoration or a nice gift. The prints are 30x20 cm, so easy to frame in a standard picture frame that is for sale everywhere. Sign up and download your first print today.

The life of the orange painting sneakers in the past 7 months.

Oh yes, if you have good ideas, please mail me. Dear all, I wish you a healthy and happy 2022. Warm greetings, Wim vande Wege

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