Februari news

It's been a while since a blog post. Time for a new post.

Fortunately I am doing well, after some Corona troubles and the aftermath of it. Around me everyone has been sick and I too did not escape a smear of this virus, but it was of short duration.

North Sea series

With great pleasure I have been working on the North Sea series for the past few months, a series of paintings with the North Sea as the main theme. The beach and seascapes continue to intrigue me endlessly. Sometimes I work abstract for a while, but after a while I feel the need to work on a seascape again. That space, the colors, the sea air and the sound of the waves touch me emotionally. Probably because this rotten, hectic and unfair society makes people slaves to money and goods. On the beach everything is different. The mighty skies and the freedom you experience there is so cool! This week we were able to experience the power of the wind accentuating the futility of man. We want a makeable world, in which we can bend everything to our will. Eunice showed that this is an illusion. Below are a number of sketches and paintings from the North Sea series. The works on paper, I call sketches for convenience, because I use them as a starting point for my paintings.

North Sea series #76, oil on canvas, 100x100 cm

Sketches of the North Sea, acrylic, ink and oil pastels on paper.

Society in turmoil

A series of 7 abstract paintings depicting society in the layering of contexts. Mutual trust and solidarity are hard to find. Something that makes me angry. Dear people, put things in perspective and accept each other. This series calls for unity, respect and compassion

Mixed media on paper, 80x60 cm.

150 Psalms Project

In addition, my series of Psalms continues. Today Psalm 93 will be posted on the website.View all 93 Psalms here. Carefully I am looking for an exhibition space to exhibit all 150 Psalms in due course.

Fragile project

The series Fragile, portraits of old people, which calls for humanity, has been reactivated and a number of new works can be admired on the site. The intention is that this series will grow into an exhibition. Visit this project.

Fragile project, mixed media on canvas, 100x100 cm

Free art print

Again this month I am giving away free digital art prints. This time of a seascape in A3 format. You can download it for free if you become a member of this site. Sign up for free.

Dear art friends, thanks for your support and if you have any comments, please email me.


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