New artworks in the 150Psalms Project

New Psalm artworks have been published again. This time I have also included my notes and idea development. This way you get an idea how I work and how a piece of art is created. In addition, I am brainstorming about the full color book of the 150 Psalms and the exhibition. As for that exhibition, my idea is to combine it with poems, readings and music. I will keep you posted. If you would like to support this project, I would be enormously grateful. I want to have a full color art book published with all 150 Psalms along with the exhibit. To pay for this I need your support.

You can support me for a small amount per month and you will receive a digital art print and a look behind the scenes. Visit or

Psalm 42

Psalm 43

Psalm 44

Psalm 45

Psalm 46

Psalm 47

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