Plein air painting on the beach

As you already know, I love seascapes. Endless horizons that invite you to travel in your imagination to distant places, the light incidences that change every moment and lead you as a painter astray with your palette full of colors. The constant of breaking waves on the beach, taking you to the depths of the sea and the wind giving you wings to float high in the sky. Painting is poetry.

Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.

Leonardo da Vinci

Colors, smells, shapes, textures and sounds make you - as a plein air painter on the beach - experience something, which I don't think you can experience anywhere else. Freedom and dreaming away in composition is so wonderfully cool! As a painter, looking is 80% of your work of art and this ensures that after 5 minutes of looking closely, you start to experience something of that freedom. You put the colors on the palette and then the brush performs a dance on your canvas. Big strokes with a big brush become smaller and more controlled after a while. The painting starts to become a whole. There comes a time when you have to stop as a painter and that is one of the most difficult things. If you stop too soon, the painting remains unfinished. If you stop too late, the spontaneity is gone and your composition is ruined by often too many details. I used to struggle with this, but nowadays spontaneity and layering is more important to me than details. Some people think that my paintings are unfinished and that is actually exactly what I want, so a compliment. In a good painting there must be room for your own interpretation and imagination, even if a painting has been hanging on the wall for years.

Oh yes, I got the question from a follower if I didn't find it annoying to paint outside with people around me coming to watch plein air painting. It's awkward the first few times, especially when people give unsolicited criticism of your work or think they can do it better themselves. Don't let it bother you and continue unruffled. Enjoy the painting process and do not let people who criticize everyone and everything take away your enjoyment. My experience is that you often get very nice conversations and much appreciation, because many would also like to do that, but are too afraid to take that step. Overcome your fear and go paint outside!

There will be quite a few seascapes in the coming months, as I will often be painting plein air on the beach. Keep an eye on the website and if you like it, you can come and watch when I am busy. Send a message if you want to know more.