September News

In recent months I have drawn and painted quite a few seascapes, one of my favorite subjects. Each time I am surprised by the amazing colors and shades that this environment shows me. Sometimes an explosion of blue tones, the other time a muted composition with dozens of shades of gray, which make the smallest difference between sky, water and beach.

As so often, I begin by sketching my chosen composition, as shown below, a number of smooth sketches that demonstrate mainly the play of lines: perspective and sight lines that make a painting/drawing exciting or boring. As for these sketches, they are sketched with acrylic directly on canvas 40x40 cm.

From there I work from 'coarse' to fine (details). It is always difficult from a plein air painter to capture fleeting details in your painting, because a minute later the situation can be very different. Think of changing light, walking beach guests, wind etc. That's why I work fast and don't worry about the details at first, they will come later.

Because of the weather and/or circumstances, I sometimes work on my sketches in my studio. In itself, this is fine with accurate sketches that reflect the necessary information.

I am also working on a number of paintings that give an impression of my memories, experiences and emotions on the beach. I consciously chose an expressionistic abstract style, because this style fits very closely to my memories at that moment (while painting). You could call it atmospheric experimentation.

Oh yes, before I forget, you can order an art print on paper or canvas of any artwork. Framed ready to go is also one of the options. A nice gift for a birthday, anniversary or for the upcoming holidays in December. Check out my website!

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