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Speed painting in 10 minutes

Recent months have seen new works and many studies, focusing on layered painting and painting the essence as quickly as possible. These so-called 10-minute paintings oblige you as a painter to immediately depict the essence and atmosphere you see and experience at that moment. No time for details and fiddling. Everything must be put directly on the canvas or panel) with the right colors and the right touches of paint. I learn a tremendous amount from this and it sharpens your mind to leave out unimportant details. Not easy, but very instructive and fun. I work with acrylic or gouache (dries nice and fast) on small panels or paper.

Working method:

  • I sit/stand somewhere and decide what I want to paint.

  • I put the primary colors + white and Prussian blue ready on the palette.

  • Set the timer of my mobile for 10 minutes and start

  • I always start with the sky, so I can place the horizon over the sky

  • The foreground with large touches of paint. Think in layers!!!

  • The horizon is flattened with shades of gray

  • Important details are added last.

The difficulty is in time and details. Often you want to 'just' touch up a tree or an object. Don't, because that will make your painting too contrived again. Try to work spontaneously and keep the big picture in mind.

Below some studies from the Arkemheenpolder.

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