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Wales countryside

The last few months have been hard at work finishing the new Wales countryside series, a series of paintings inspired by the extraordinary landscape of Wales in all its facets. The landscape of Snowdonia in Wales is truly spectacular. It is an enchanting area characterized by majestic mountains, serene lakes and lush valleys. The prominent Snowdon mountain range, with its impressive peak, dominates the landscape and offers breathtaking views. Rugged rock formations and sheer cliffs provide a dramatic backdrop. Green meadows, adorned with colorful wildflowers, stretch as far as the eye can see. Streams and waterfalls create a melodious sound as they wind their way through the landscape. This area exudes a sense of pristine nature and adventure and is a true paradise for hikers and nature lovers.

The series now includes 3 more paintings (there will be more) and is a product of the evolution in my painting style which has become looser and more spontaneous. The paintings are composed of many thin layers of paint, sometimes as many as 30, to achieve suggestion, depth and dynamics. The layering creates a work of art that is still full of discovery after years. Layering creates a work of art that never bores.

The first layers are set up in acrylic, then the many layers follow in oil, ink and pastel.

The three paintings will be exhibited for the first time at the EuropArtFair in the Westergasfabr

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