Art is an individual experience

I am a plein air painter and I live in Zeeland (the Netherlands). I like being outside in nature with sketchbook and pencil, brush and paint. There is nothing like working in nature. You become one with the landscape: the sounds, smells and the constantly changing hues create a work of art that cannot be matched in a studio.

Wim van de Wege was born in 1966. He uses a wide range of techniques and materials. He will do everything that interests him for paper, cardboard or canvas. They prefer to work thematically: series of winter scapes, seascapes, landscapes and cityscapes.

He  studied organ and piano at the Brabant Conservatory, Dutch at the Highschool Rotterdam and visual arts and art at the Willem de Kooning Academy.

His paintings have been sold to offices, shops, galleries, museums and private homes in the US, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia, Australia and Europe. His work is represented by many art galleries in America and Europe (NY, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and the UK).

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