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Ameland sketches

Ameland sketches


Wim van de Wege's "Ameland Sketches" series is a tribute to the beautiful landscape of the Dutch island of Ameland. Van de Wege's unique approach to painting involves a deep immersion into the subject matter, which is evident in his Ameland sketches.

Van de Wege's inspiration for this series comes from the island's stunning scenery, which he has explored extensively. He has spent countless hours sketching the dunes, beaches, and shoreline, capturing the play of light and shadow and the changing moods of the sea. His sketches serve as the foundation for his paintings, and he often adds his own personal interpretation to create a sense of movement and emotion in his works.

Van de Wege's love for the sea is evident in his Ameland sketches. His depictions of the sea are particularly beloved, and he has become known for his ability to capture the ever-changing moods of the water. His paintings often feature bold brushstrokes and bright colors, conveying the power and vitality of the sea.

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