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  • Vrouwenpolder beach
  • Vrouwenpolder beach

Vrouwenpolder beach

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The painting of the beach in Vrouwenpolder after a rain shower with ominous clouds exudes a special atmosphere, with blue colors dominating. The artist has the ability to capture the mood of the moment and transport the viewer into the scene.


The beach stretches out in the foreground of the painting, still wet from the rain. The wet sand grains reflect the ambient light, creating a glistening effect. The blues of the sea come forth in various shades, ranging from deep indigo to a softer turquoise hue. The foaming waves are still visible, but they have calmed down after the rain shower.


The threatening clouds in the sky add drama to the scene. They have various shades of gray and seem to hang heavily, creating a sense of unpredictability and mystery. The dark cloud formations contrast with the bright blue of the sky that is still visible between the clouds.


On the beach, a few walkers can be seen, perhaps enjoying the tranquility after the rain shower. They may have umbrellas or raincoats with them, still protecting themselves from any potential showers that may come. Their presence gives a sense of scale and liveliness to the painting.


In the distance, along the coastline, there is a kitesurfer. He is a small figure, but stands out with his movement and the colors of his sail. The kitesurfer seems to be taking advantage of the changing weather conditions, with the wind likely having increased after the rain shower. His presence adds an element of adventure and dynamism to the painting.


Overall, the painting of the beach in Vrouwenpolder after a rain shower with ominous clouds reflects a unique atmosphere. The predominant blue colors, the wet sand grains, the threatening clouds, and the presence of walkers and a kitesurfer create a captivating and vivid scene that transports the viewer to that specific moment on the beach.


Free shipping included!

    • Acrylic painting on canvas
    • A unique work of art
    • Size: 70x70 cm (unframed), no frame needed 3D-canvas
    • Signed on the front
    • Style: impressionism/ expressionism
    • Subject: Seascape
    • Ready to hang.
    • Free shipping
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