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Wales countryside serie

Wales countryside serie


Wim van de Wege is a contemporary artist currently working on a series of paintings titled "Wales Countrysides". He uses a mix of acrylic, oil paint, and oil pastel on canvas to create these works, which measure 100x100 cm and are framed for immediate hanging.

Van de Wege has a unique process that begins with exploring the subject he wants to paint. For his Wales Countrysides series, he travels to different parts of Wales to gain inspiration and make sketches of the landscape. These sketches are sometimes worked on with watercolor, acrylic, ink, and pencil on site and serve as the basis for his paintings, but he often adds his own interpretation and imagination to create a sense of movement and emotion.

An important aspect is his use of color. He enjoys experimenting with different color combinations and often uses bright, vibrant colors to convey a strong sense of energy and vitality. His use of color is based on his own feelings and emotions, and he tries to convey these feelings to the viewer through his paintings.

Another important aspect of Van de Wege's process is his expressionistic style. His paintings are often very expressive and abstract, striving for a sense of movement and motion in the landscape he is painting. He often uses broad brushstrokes and thick layers of paint to add depth and texture to his paintings.

The inspiration for Van de Wege's Wales Countrysides series comes from his love of nature and his fascination with the landscape of Wales. He is inspired by the rich history and culture of Wales and tries to integrate these elements into his paintings through color and movement. His goal is to convey a sense of connection with nature and the landscape to the viewer, and he hopes that his paintings will inspire people to be more connected to the natural world around them.

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