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Ameland sketches

Based on the Ameland sketches, I am currently working on "translating" them into expressionist paintings. I am currently in my studio and have continued the series this morning. A few weeks ago, when I was on the beach and it was very windy, I noticed how quickly the colors and shapes were changing. Sand creating an extra layer of ground at a height of 10 cm and clouds that change every second. At that moment, the idea arose to represent the speed and dynamics of that moment in a series of sketches. So, not a neatly and accurately painted sea, but rough movements and spontaneous lines that showcase the dynamism of that moment.

I create a series of paintings capturing the transition from a stormy sky to a clear, bright one. Some depict the moment just before a downpour, while others show the aftermath, with pastel shades and the vivid blue of the sky dominating the scene and casting almost no shadows.

The paintings are not yet complete, and I am still working on them to reach full satisfaction. However, the initial layers of thick paint and spontaneous cloud formations, which can almost be considered abstract, have been applied. I purposely chose a low horizon in one painting to highlight the sky and a high horizon in another to accentuate the beach's dark shadows.

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