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Festive opening Gallery Van de Wege in Putten

Last Saturday afternoon marked the opening of Gallery Van de Wege in the charming town of Putten. The event drew art enthusiasts and local residents to this newest addition to the area’s cultural scene.

Situated in the heart of Putten, Gallery Van de Wege promises to be a vibrant space for art, featuring an exhibition of works by artist Wim van de Wege running until the end of July. Known for his breathtaking landscapes and deep connection to the Dutch countryside, Van de Wege’s art captures the essence of the natural world with unparalleled depth and beauty.

During the opening, guests admired a series of paintings, each a testament to Van de Wege’s mastery of light, colour, and composition. From sweeping vistas of the Dutch coast to intimate portraits of rural life in the polders, his artworks captivated viewers and sparked conversations about the interplay between art and nature.

“We’re thrilled that Putten now has an art gallery,” said a visitor from the south of the country who wished to remain anonymous. Another visitor from Ede remarked, “A beautiful, spacious gallery with captivating and emotional landscapes that bring you closer to nature, thanks to Wim’s wonderful work.”

Visitors to Gallery Van de Wege can expect a rotating selection of paintings, as well as occasional exhibitions featuring guest artists and thematic showcases.

The gallery is open on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm and is definitely worth a visit.

Gallery Van de Wege

Kerkstraat 33, 3882 BM Putten

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