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  • Ameland sketches 2

Ameland sketches 2

€ 1.500,00Price

A while back I was on Ameland (see blog) and painted plein air. The beautiful vast beaches, where sometimes not a human being is to be seen, are a great source of inspiration for me.

I called the series sketches because I painted sketchily, almost expressionistically with large and flowing strokes, sometimes with thick paint. The painting shows a dynamic beach scene and I tried to capture the wind and the sea in this smooth and loose style.

  • Acrylic and oil painting on panel
    A unique work of art
    Size: 60X40 cm (unframed) / 64x44x4 cm (framed)
    Ready to hang
    Signed on the front
    Style: impressionism/ expressionism
    Subject: Seascape

    Ready to hang.

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