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The beach of Ameland is a stunning piece of nature, stretching over a length of approximately 27 kilometers. It is a perfect location for creating artworks that capture the essence of the sea and the sky.
While painting en plein air on the beach, you feel connected with nature. The colors of the sky and water are constantly changing, and the light is incomparable. The vastness of the beach provides a great opportunity to experiment with different techniques and styles. You can paint the beach from various perspectives, ranging from close-ups of the sand dunes to broad panoramas of the sea and the sky. You can also experiment with the use of different types of paint and techniques, such as using impasto for texture and depth, or watercolors for a lighter, more transparent look.

One of the greatest benefits of painting on the beach is that you have complete freedom to paint whatever you want. There are no rules or restrictions, except those of your own imagination and creativity. You can choose to create a realistic representation of the environment, or you can experiment with abstract or expressionistic styles. The most important thing is that you challenge yourself and explore the boundaries of your own creativity.

The paintings are made on a 60x40 cm panel with acrylic, oil, and sometimes oil pastels. The Ameland sketches are sold in a luxury floater frame and are ready to hang. Please see the shop for more information.

Ameland sketches

Ameland sketches
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