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As an artist, I am always looking for new ways to find inspiration for my paintings. One of my favorite ways to paint is working plein air on the beach. Painting outdoors gives me a sense of freedom and space, while the atmosphere of the beach always cheers me up.

Plein air painting on the beach gives me a chance to play with the layering of colors and textures I see in the landscape. The beach is a place where the layers of sand, sea and sky come together and this creates a wonderful dynamic. By mixing the different layers in my paintings, I am able to create a sense of depth and movement that takes the viewer to the beach.

The excitement I feel while painting outdoors is something I don't experience anywhere else. I have to make quick decisions about how I want to capture the light and colors before they change. This makes my work more vibrant and spontaneous. I also have to watch out for the elements, such as wind and sun, which can affect my paintings.

Beach seascape luxury painting by Wim van de Wege


Space and freedom

Beach represents space and freedom. I often demonstrate space in my paintings by laying the horizon low. For me, this is an essential part of a seascape. Sometimes a row of dunes can be seen to the side and most of the time the beach is empty. 

North Sea seascape paintings by Wim van de Wege


Mighty Cloudscapes

Cloudscapes have inspired poets, painters and other artists for centuries. There is something enchanting about the way clouds form, move and change in the sky. For me, no seascape or landscape without cloudscapes. They take us back to our natural surroundings and remind us of the beauty of the world around us.

Ameland beachscene with a raining shower



The texture of a seascape is just as important as the colors. The water can be smooth and calm, or wild and foaming, and it is important to emphasize these different textures in your paintings. The key to creating texture is to work with different techniques, such as using a spatula or a palette knife to create the waves.

Detail of seascape North Sea oil painting


Layers of colors

The layers of color in a seascape range from deep blues and turquoises to soft pastels. To achieve these colors, it is important to work with many thin layers with a range of colors and shades. This layering not only creates dynamism, vibrancy, but also keeps the viewer discovering something new in the composition. 

Detail of the sky from a seascape oil painting



My paintings are smoothly painted with evocative elements. The base often consists of layers of thin acrylic paint and after drying I use water-based oil paint. The whole is always coated with varnish.
The painting is usually delivered framed. 

Luxury seascape oil painting by Wim van de Wege


The light and colors or shades change by the minute. A gust of wind across the water, a shadow across the beach, it is so wonderfully inspiring to paint on the beach.


I feel free at the endless mass of water, the almost empty beaches with the occasional hiker or kitesurfer under the mighty cloudy skies. Here you experience how small you are as a human being in the unpredictable nature.

Ameland seascape and beach oil painting
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