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Photo Wim van de Wege in his studio

Art embraces the beauty and imperfection of life. Man lives from his mind, thoughts, emotions, intuitions and desires. Art goes beyond words; it is a communication that can only be expressed through music and images. 

Wim van de Wege artist luxury art sign
Studio of the Dutch artist Wim van de Wege Bunschoten Spakenburg

I feel free at the endless mass of water, the almost empty beaches with the occasional hiker or kitesurfer and the mighty cloudy skies. Here you experience how small you are as a human being in the unpredictable nature.




As a plein air painter, it is a joy to be working in the middle of nature. Birds whistling, the wind through your hair and the rustling of reeds at the ditch side. In the studio you do not achieve this, because the atmosphere of that moment affects your work of art. 




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Current exhibitions 

Gallery Philadelphia Nes, Ameland

Lodgement Overzee, Nes, Ameland

Studio Wimvandewege Art, Bunschoten

The Gallery YR Oriel Newport Pembs

Gallery Dutch Luxury Design, Buren

EuropArtFair, Amsterdam


Group exhibition, Gallery Dutch luxury Design, 2023

EuropArtFair, Amsterdam, 2023

London, Welsh art week 2022, 2023

Domburg Summerexposition Zeeuws Licht 
Crisis 1 Gallery Niffo Rotterdam 
London  Art days 2020, 2021, 2022 
London  Artfair London Days 2022, 2021
Kattendijke, Kerk 2018, 2019, 2020, 
Groupexhibition Gallery O Riel 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

Aardenburg, St. Baafs 2019 
Gallery New Art, New York, USA 
The Gallery Yr Oriel Newport Pembs 2018 
Milaan Artfestival 2018
Gaudi Gallery Madrid 2018 
Kattendijke Art days 2018 

Rome, March 2017 Rotterdam, June and July 2017

Rome, December 2016 

Milaan, December 2016 
Artfair Luxembourg 2016
Artfair Antwerpen 2016

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