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Landscapes are an endless source of inspiration for me. I am constantly inspired by the beauty of nature and I hope my work can inspire others to see the world around us in a new way.

One of the things I like most about painting landscapes is the ability to work quickly and smoothly. Being a plein air painter working in the middle of nature is pure enjoyment. Landscapes are constantly changing light and color, so it is important to be able to work quickly and capture the essence of the moment. Painting quickly and smoothly allows me to capture the movement and life of the landscape in a sincere way.

Detail of landscape oil painting Arkemheen polder
Detail of an oil landscape painting

Layering is also an important aspect of my paintings. I like to apply multiple layers of paint to create a sense of depth and complexity. Often many thin layers of acrylic first, then oil paint

Detail of the Arkemheen polder

Another important aspect of my work is the courage to experiment. I believe that experimenting with different techniques and materials can help us find new ways to express ourselves creatively. 

Wales countryside landscape painting

Movement is another important aspect of my work.  By bringing movement into my work, I create a sense of vibrancy and energy, which makes the work even more alive.

Scottish Highlands landscape art

Atmosphere is always evident in all my artworks. For me an essential part of a work of art. If it is not present, then I have no connection to the painting. Structures, colors, shapes and composition determine the atmosphere.

Highlands of Scotland luxury oil painting

Painting suggestively (and layered) leaves room for personal interpretation of the artwork. The viewer must be able to dream away in the painting. This keeps the composition interesting, even after years. 

Dutch polder landscapes luxury paintings

The creative process is something magical: the creation of a work of art through input from nature combined with the artist's emotions and observations. The landscape reveals who we are as human beings.

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