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  • Arkemheen polder landscape 3

Arkemheen polder landscape 3

€ 1.250,00Price
Introducing the Arkemheen polder landscape 3, a stunning and vibrant painting capturing the beauty of the Dutch countryside. The artist has skillfully depicted the vast expanse of the polder with dozens of colors, including shades of yellow and the occasional hint of green. Despite the effects of the drought, the landscape remains captivating and interesting to paint, showcasing the resilience and enduring beauty of nature. This particular piece is part of a series of 6 paintings, each offering a unique perspective of the Arkemheen polder. Experience the heat of the sun and the artist's passion for the subject as you immerse yourself in this exquisite portrayal of the Dutch landscape.
    • Acrylic, oil, ink and oil pastels painting on PANEL
    • One of a kind artwork
    • Size: 60X60X1 cm (unframed) / 64x64x3 cm (framed)
    • Ready to hang
    • Signed on the front
    • Style: impressionistic
    • Subject: landscape
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