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  • North Sea series #90

North Sea series #90

€ 1.995,00Price
Introducing the North Sea series #90, the perfect addition to capture the serene beauty of a Domburg strand scene. This stunning piece showcases a beautiful white light cast on the tranquil beach during a calm morning. The North Sea series #90 is expertly crafted to bring a sense of peace and relaxation to any space. Hang it in your home or office and transport yourself to the peaceful shores of Domburg. Order yours today and experience the beauty of the North Sea series #90 for yourself

    • Oil painting on canvas
    • One of a kind artwork
    • Size: 80x60x3 cm (unframed) / 84x64x4 cm (framed)
    • Ready to hang
    • Signed on the front
    • Style: impressionistic
    • Subject: Seascape
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