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  • Winter seascape North Sea XL 7
  • Winter seascape North Sea XL 7
  • Winter seascape North Sea XL 7
  • Winter seascape North Sea XL 7
  • Winter seascape North Sea XL 7

Winter seascape North Sea XL 7

€ 5.900,00Price

This captivating painting transports viewers to the picturesque shores of the Dutch coast during a late afternoon. The artist skillfully captures the essence of this coastal scene, infusing it with an air of dramatic tension and a poignant message of the struggle between good and evil.


The centerpiece of the painting is the vast expanse of the sea, stretching out to the horizon with rolling waves that are masterfully rendered in various shades of blue and green. As the sun begins its descent, a captivating play of light and shadow unfolds, casting a remarkable contrast across the landscape.


The late afternoon sun, with its golden and crimson hues, bathes the scene in a warm and ethereal glow. It paints the sky with shades of tangerine and magenta, creating a breathtaking canopy overhead. The clouds on the horizon appear as dark, foreboding silhouettes against this luminous backdrop.


This stark contrast between light and darkness serves as the driving force behind the painting, adding a palpable sense of tension and atmosphere. It is as though the heavens themselves are engaged in an eternal struggle, with the serene beauty of the natural world serving as a metaphor for the greater battle between good and evil.

The structures, rendered with meticulous detail, stand as beacons of humanity's presence against the vastness of the sea.


Giclee/Fine Art Print


  • This artwork is now available as a giclée or fine art print on canvas
  • Very high resolution 350 dpi
  • 150x100 cm: 450 euros, excl. shipping costs
  • 120x80 cm: 390 euros, excl. shipping costs
  • 90x60 cm: 280 euros, excl. shipping costs


The Fine Art print is framed in a black floater frame and ready to hang.


Inquire for more details.


    • Acrylic painting on Canvas
    • One of a kind artwork
    • Size: 150x100x3 cm  (unframed)
    • Framed on request
    • Ready to hang
    • Signed on the front
    • Style: impressionistic
    • Subject: Landscapes, sea and sky
    • Free shipping
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