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  • Northsea series nr. 43

Northsea series nr. 43

€ 1.995,00Price
Bring the vibrant energy of the North Sea to your home with the Northsea series nr. 43. This impressionistic painting captures the colorful beach scene of Ameland, with stunning clouds and a beautiful light that will transport you to the seaside. The bold brushstrokes and rich colors make this piece a standout addition to any beach-themed decor. Hang it in your living room or bedroom for a daily reminder of the beauty of the ocean.
    • Oil painting on Canvas
    • One of a kind artwork
    • Size: 80x60x2 cm (unframed) / 84x64x3 cm (framed)
    • Framed and ready to hang
    • Signed on the front
    • Style: impressionistic
    • Subject: Landscapes, sea and sky
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